2014-05-22 - Garmin no longer supports the Communicator Plugin

I found an official statement from Garmin saying that they no longer support their own plugin. Apparently if you want to integrate their new way (Garmin Express) to communicate with their devices it costs you 5000$ and you will need to be choosen by Garmin. That sucks…

2014-05-22 - Chrome/Chromium is no longer working…

Which means the plugin will no longer be found by Chrome :-( Earlier this year they announced there would be support until end of the year…

2014-05-22 - GarminPlugin with Garmin Connect / Garmin Express

Since more and more users keep complaining that Garmin Connect no longer works with my plugin, here is a little background: garminexpress. In short - do not switch to the modern layout - it is actually Garmin Express which does not use the GarminPlugin and is therefore not working under Linux.

2014-05-09 - Plugin not found in Firefox 28+

Firefox introduced a new privacy feature that websites can no longer simply ask for all installed plugins. The result of this is that some websites do no longer find the plugin (eg: connect.garmin.com) while others do (eg: Garmin Install Check). The Firefox 29 on Windows behaved differently (working) than the Firefox 29 on Linux (not working), which made me investigate the whole thing. Apparently you can configure the new privacy feature and on Windows Mozilla simply turned it off in their default download.

To fix this go to “about:config” and add “Garmin Communicator”

plugins.enumerable_names = Java,Nexus Personal,QuickTime,Shockwave,Garmin Communicator 

to disable use

plugins.enumerable_names = *

2014-05-09 - Released 0.3.24

Merged the fit2tcx improvements into the GarminPlugin. It only affects people using a fit device on a website that requests tcx from the plugin. (fit2tcx: Added power meter support, bugfix on invalid values like heartrate)

2014-05-08 - Bugfix for crash on Fedora 20

The library garmintools caused a crash when compiled with GCC 4.8.0+ which optimises the code differently than previous versions.

More Details: https://code.google.com/p/garmintools/issues/detail?id=35

2014-02-16 - Problems with Firefox 28-beta3 and newer

Error Message: “Garmin Communicator Plugin not found” in Firefox 28 or later. Mozilla introduced a new privacy feature, that websites can not simply search through all installed plugins (navigator.plugins). They need to request the plugin explicitly. This will affect all plattforms (Windows/Mac/Linux) so sooner or later all websites need to update their javascript code. I have already written to the developers of endomondo.com - but there is nothing else I can do.

Not working:

for(var i = 0; i < navigator.plugins.length; i++) {
 if (navigator.plugins[i].name == "Garmin Communicator") { ... }


if (navigator.plugins['Garmin Communicator'] != undefined) { ... }

More details: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/NavigatorPlugins.plugins

2013-09-23 - Released version 0.3.21

Bugfix: Plugin crashed when trying to import a broken FIT file.

2013-09-18 - Pipelight

Really nice: Apparently some other german guys were successfull in taking another approach (than I did) to integrate a browser plugin (Silverlight) which is not available for Linux. Instead of re-creating it from scratch they build a tiny little native linux plugin that sends all requests from the browser to a wine binary that loads the original plugin. Interesting concept, might be worth a look.

2013-09-17 - Released version 0.3.20

Fixed the problems with 0.3.19 and added further improvement to start supporting ANT devices.

2013-08-31 - Removed version 0.3.19 from Launchpad

Apparently it is not a good idea to use the last night before your two weeks vacation to code a Bugfix for a reported bug. I didn't have time to test much and simply released the new version. That was a mistake :-( the only thing I can currently do about is, is to delete the new version from launchpad. If you already installed the new version, it should be enough to uninstall and reinstall. I was able to release 0.3.18 again as version - which fixes the current problem. You should receive it as a standard update. Sorry for the inconvenience - but I didn't bring a laptop with me - took me some time to figure out how to release a new version using only my Android phone.

2013-07-05 - Released version 0.3.18

Now supporting websites that do request tcx files on fit devices (eg Edge800) (automatic conversion from fit to tcx)

2013-07-01 - Fit2Tcx

Released a tiny little command line utility fit2tcx to convert your Garmin FIT files to tcx.

2013-05-07 - Released version 0.3.17

Added support to create a local backup copy of your workout for every upload.

2012-11-15 - Plugin got accepted to debian sid

The plugin is now an official debian sid package. Thanks to Ralf Treinen!

2012-09-12 - Opencaching.com now supported

Previously it did not work to download caches from opencaching.com. This has now been fixed (for file based devices).

2012-07-03 - CentOS 6 build added

A build for CentOS 6 has been added to the Open Suse Buildservice

2012-06-05 - Fedora 17 build added

I just added Fedora 17 to the OpenSuse Build System. I did not test the build, some feedback would be nice. BTW: No feedback from Garmin to my sponsoring request, I guess I will request on the US website again (so far I only requested on the Austrian website)

2012-01-26 - Sponsoring requested…

I found out that Garmin offers sponsorship. It would be perfect to get Garmin as a sponsor for new devices, so I applied for a sponsorship and requested some Forerunner models, mostly the ones with Ant+ technology (currently not supported by the plugin). Let's see how this turns out…

2012-01-11 - Added a Fedora / OpenSUSE repository

In addition to the Launchpad repository for Ubuntu a new repository for Fedora and OpenSUSE users exists and can be found here: software.opensuse.org

2011-11-13 - Added Fedora 15/16 RPMs in Version 0.3.5

I still have to set up virtual machines to build for other distributions than Ubuntu, since all my builds in the OpenSuse Build System turn out to be somehow broken - this makes it time consuming to build for other distributions.

2011-11-04 - Fix for empty tracks

Version 0.3.5 has been released. Some users reported that the fitness history showed up correctly, but when trying to transfer the data to the computer they ended up with an empty track. Problem was that the browser asked the plugin for a track name that did not exist, since my plugin interpreted the track name incorrectly and added some extra characters to the end (NPString is not null-terminated).

2011-10-16 - Oneiric

I have released the version 0.3.4 for Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10). After some build problems it now seems to work.

There are still problems accessing the Edge/Forerunner 205/305. The plugin uses the package garmin_forerunner_tools which also runs into a timeout (same problem for my plugin) - even as root it is not able to open the device.

andreas@ubuntuoniric:~$ sudo garmin_get_info 
usb_set_configuration failed: could not set config 1: Connection timed out
garmin unit could not be opened!

Solution: Currently unknown! I did file a bug report.

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