Garmin Communicator Plugin for Linux / Ubuntu

Officially Garmin does not offer any support for Linux. To be able to use my two Garmin devices under linux I started the development of a browser plugin that behaves just like the original Garmin Communicator Plugin. The plugin allows you to send gpx files to the device (eg. “Send to gps” from or to upload your fitness data to a website (eg.

If you like the plugin you can support the development of new devices by donating money (to buy new devices - and hopefully implement them)

Howto use the plugin

Supported devices

Not all Garmin devices are supported yet. If you have a file based device or a device that can be accessed with garmintools your chances are good that it is already supported. Have a look into the list of supported devices and tested websites. If your device is not yet supported you can always try to contact me!


For Ubuntu there is a public Launchpad Repository available under ppa:andreas-diesner/garminplugin. For further information read the installation instructions

Changing the User Agent is no longer necessary (since version 0.2.7).

The future...

… is very uncertain. The plugin stopped working in Chrome 35+, and Firefox will follow sometime in the future. The support for the plugin interface NPAPI has been dropped, and Garmin has no plans to put any more work into the plugin. So they are going to let the plugin die :-(. Suggestions on how to continue from here on are welcome…


For bugs or feature requests send me an email:
Preferred language is German or English.

Other links

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